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Scheduling & Pricing Options:

(all prices are for 30-minute sessions)

Option 1: Drop-In Lessons

Drop-In Lessons are a pay-as-you-go option for those with very inconsistent schedules or who just need a bit of help here and there to improve their skills. With no set lesson time, Drop-In students schedule their lessons a maximum of 7 days in advance with staff or by using our convenient online system. Payment is due 24 hours prior to the lesson. Scheduled lessons that are missed without 24 hours notice are forfeited.




Option 2: Weekly Lessons

By far our most popular option, Weekly Lessons are ideal for children and adults with mostly consistent schedules. Weekly Lessons happen at the same time every week and payment is due monthly. Occasional rescheduling is permitted and encouraged using our convenient online system, and students can switch to new times as their schedule changes throughout the year. Missed lessons will result in the issuance of a make-up credit to be used outside of the normal scheduled lesson time. These make-up credits will stay active and available to use for as long as the student continues Weekly Lessons. Payment is due 24 hours prior to the first lesson.



paid by the month for however many lessons will occur in that month

($108 for four weeks, $135 for five weeks)